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Acquisition Intern

Leonid Capital is looking to add talent to help with deal identification, assessment, and due diligence. This is a great opportunity to add experience in a professional investment environment working real time on live deals. Flexibility is key and personal drive to complete the tasks at hand is absolutely necessary.

Essential Skills

  • Financial Modelling - Mastery of Excel. Be able to effortlessly create new financial models or seamlessly adapt existing models, as the situation dictates. Understand transactional and business operations modeling.

  • Sales and Networking - Comfortable networking with dealmakers and business owners. Be able to communicate the unique value proposition of Leonid Capital, while maintaining a professional demeanor.

  • Critical Thinking - Provide personal assessment of deals and investment theses, and be able to back those opinions up with data and findings.

  • Get it done - There will be minimal busy work, but there will be times that day-to-day tasks have to be completed. Be willing and able to do so.

Our Work Environment

You can work from home or in our office - your choice. Communication will be frequent, but efficient. You won’t be micro-managed, but we expect your best effort in return.

The Opportunity

Compensation will take the form of a success fee. If you identify the deal through a proprietary source that closes, you'll earn a significant (high five figures) finder's fee. Additionally, you will receive a job offer at the acquired company.

This is an opportunity to work on all stages of a business acquisition - sourcing, diligence, negotiation, close, and operations. Where you take it from there is up to you - a career in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Operations, or a Fund of your own.

If you are interested, please send a resume and cover letter to


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